MCBackup for Windows

MCBackup 3 is a backup utility for Minecraft.

MCBackup 3 is the all-in-one solution for backing up your Minecraft worlds, versions, and everything in between!

MCBackup 3 is a free Minecraft backup utility. It can be used to back up your Minecraft worlds, versions, and everything in between! With its multiple options and settings, MCBackup is the most extensive and flexible Minecraft backup program currently on the market. You can backup manually when needed, and setup an automatic backup for when you are making major changes to your favorite world! Your backups are all saved in a safe location of your choosing. They can be restored at any time in one click! You can choose not only where to save your backups, but also the specific location of your Minecraft installation. It is also possible to select the launcher you are using; it can be the default Minecraft launcher or one of the popular third-party launchers with mod packs. MCBackup 3 is also fully customizable; customizations include changing the background image, changing the theme color, changing text colors, and more!

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